Global Karuta Project

About the project

  • The Global Karuta Project is a worldwide project to create original karuta cards with children from all over the world.
  • Starting in the UK in 2011, creative karuta workshops have been held in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Japan and Sri Lanka.
  • In the UK, inter-school karuta competitions were held three times.
  • As a result, a wide variety of karuta with themes such as ‘hometown’, ‘fair trade’, ‘international understanding’ and ‘sister city’ was completed.
  • Since 2015, in cooperation with two karuta organisations, the Karuta 2020 project has been promoted and the ‘Karuta set of 200 countries’ was completed in 2021.


“The British Embassy Tokyo is pleased to support the work of the FROM JAPAN Institute and I look forward to seeing more of these creative cultural exchanges expanded to other communities across the UK and Japan.”

Japanese card game portrays life in British schoolchildren’s hometown (Published 24 June 2013)
Mr Tim Hitchens
British Ambassador to Japan

From Media

Article on the Fairtrade karuta awards ceremony held in Thanet, South East England, in 2015. This was followed by an inter-school karuta competition using the completed ‘Fairtrade karuta’.